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Survive the Wild

Hello everyone and welcome to... Survive the Wild! It's time to join an awesome online experience!

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What is survive the wild?

Survive the Wild is a game, whare your goal is litterily survival! If your a nature fan then this game is for you! You have to do anything from body satisfaction such as eating, drinking etc, to making your own items to help the game along, to hunting animals for your belly, and for there fur, to voiaging out far into the sea to see if there's any such thing as even kind of modern sivilisation near you, and much, much much more!

Some of the main features


Survive the wild is mostly free, for the most part. It's completely free, just so long as your willing to, well, survive the wild more realisticly. The only thing that isn't free is upgrades such as teleporters, death free cards, health_boosts, etc. And if you want more from the game such as the ability to have an unlimited inventory of items, a character that will never ever get purged, and possibly other future abilities, you can purchase a full stw account for $15.95. The game is easy to download and install, then you just have to create an account and start playing! If you would like to purchase upgrades or an account, you are able to do that from the survive the wild store. Note that upgrades are not necesary, it's completely your choice. I mean, it can be nice to not die when you should, after all... And upgrades are pretty cheep. You can get 5 teleporters for $1.49 USD, for example. And again it's your choice weather you want to pay for anything at all. It can be nice, but you really don't lose much from the games experience by not paying for upgrades.


Here, i'd like to list some of the people who have really helped this project prosper and helped make the game as good as it is today.